An Update on Advanced Practice and First Contact Practice for MACP members

08 Feb 2021

Monday 8th February 2021

Dear Members

An update on Advanced Practice and First Contact Practice

As part of continuing engagement with membership over the Health Education England (HEE) led developments in FCP and Advanced practice, the MACP Executive Committee is committed to keeping our members informed of our progress regarding various opportunities and developments. Current progress against developments is set out in the following briefing document.
We are aware of member interest in FCP and AP.  The MACP Executive Committee and sub committees continue to work on behalf of our members to ensure the MACP has a strong voice to influence the MSK agenda.
First Contact Practice
The First Contact Practice Educational Capabilities have been standardised with the publication of the Educational Road Map.

This Primary Care Educational Roadmap was developed by HEE with support from, and in collaboration with, multi-organisational, multi-professional, and patient group stakeholders. We have continued to work with HEE and have gained agreement on a number of key points.

  • FCP supervisor training

HEE have recognised that full membership of the MACP meets the criteria of level 7 academic qualification. All members who work within an FCP environment, irrespective of completing a MSc, are able to complete the supervisors' course and be added to the HEE supervisor directory.

  • Stage 1 FCP sign off

Following a review of the MSK FCP road map by the MACP, the MACP Executive Committee and the Committee for Education and Approval (CEA) determined that the KSA required to be evidenced and assessed for completion of stage one of the FCP road map are a sub set of the IFOMPT standards.

As full membership of the MACP requires an individual to fulfill all of the IFOMPT standards it is the MACP’s assertion that full members only need to complete the mandatory primary care e-learning modules to complete stage one sign off.

At the request of the MACP Executive Committee, HEE reviewed the MACP standard and agreed with this position and have agreed to sign off full members of the MACP for stage one of the FCP competency process.

Full MACP members should present their membership certificate and e-learning certificates to their employers as evidence of stage 1 completion if applying for / or are currently in a role that involves first contact practice in primary care.

This is a significant achievement and will dramatically reduce the requirements and workload on all our members wishing to achieve FCP roles.

MSK advanced practice standard development.
HEE have yet to finalise the MSK standards across Physiotherapy or any other professions. This work is still currently in development following the first phase of initial consultation.

The MACP and IFOMPT Executive Committee have been asked by HEE to act as a critical friend in reviewing the standards and providing input and advice to ensure the appropriate educational rigor of the final standard.

It is anticipated that the second draft of standards will be ready for consultation in June 2021..
Accreditation of routes to membership
HEE have appointed a new accreditation lead who will take up their post in April. We have been told that this individual will work with the MACP on the Class Action proposal.  As soon as possible we will hold conversations regarding next steps for the MACP and approved routes. It is our aim to secure recognition for all members and courses through this Class Action process or a similar process and we aim to expedite this as quickly as possible.
We would like to continue to assure our members that a great deal is being done by members of the Executive Committee and CEA to lobby HEE regarding the Standards of MACP membership and courses and we will continue to keep members fully informed of this work and the process.


Yours faithfully

Helen Welch
Chair, MACP