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If you are interested in joining any of these committees, email

Executive Committee

The executive committee are MACP members voted into their positions in accordance with the MACP constitution. Click below to view the current executive committee.

View Executive Committee

Research Committee

Getting involved with the research subcommittee will offer the opportunity to assist the research officer with a range of tasks. This includes reviewing the award applications for our members, reviewing applications to utilise the MACP for surveys, and facilitating any research activities that the research officer or MACP are involved in. 

Click below to view the current research committee.

View Research Committee

Professional Development Committee

The professional development committee assists with the organisation/promotion of courses for the MACP.

Click below to view the current Professional Development Committee


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Committee for Education and Approval

The overall aim of the CEA is to operationalise and monitor standards for eligibility for all routes leading to membership of the MACP and to provide ongoing monitoring of those standards.

Click below to view the current Committee for Education and Approval.

View Committee for Education and Approval

Regional Representatives

The regional representatives aren't a committee per se but we have a network of members around the country to represent the MACP and help members from a regional perspective. 

We have a few vacancies for regional appointments. Email if you are interested.

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