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TrustMe Ed

TrustMe Ed

MACP members receive a 50% discount from a yearly membership of 119 euros. 

Trust me-Ed is an online educational company with 110+ lectures made by experts in the field on a variety of MSK topics, pain science, communication, and clinical reasoning.  Every month we release 2 new lectures. 

How do members access the discount?

Access your membership discount code

You will be prompted to log into your MACP membership account if you are not already.

Our mission is to make high-quality educational content available for all physiotherapists around the world. We are dedicated to creating very practical and immediately applicable content for use in the clinic.  With the TrustMe-ED platform, you can be assured that what you watch is high-quality information delivered to you by renowned experts from around the world.   

We are very excited about this new partnership with the MACP. This collaboration is highly aligned with our values to share high-quality information with the physiotherapy community. 

It's exciting and humbling that the Trust me-Ed content can now be used for the new accelerated portfolio route to becoming an Advanced Practitioner in the UK. 

All the Trust me-Ed content is mapped against the IFOMPT standards, which guarantees quality. When completed, the portfolio is the equivalent of a Master's degree. 

We congratulate the MACP organisation for making this happen for all physiotherapists in the UK and we are looking forward to working more with the MACP in the future.