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2016 Winners and Reports

Student Research Award

  • Alex Latham - Manchester Metropolitan University (View report)
  • Sam Shotton - King's College, London (View report)
  • Camilla Tveiten - University of Brighton
  • GCU: Christina O'Connor (View report)
  • Lawrence Sonvico and Gethin Lynch - University of Birmingham (award split) (View report)
  • Nicholas Ansell - University of Hertfordshire (View report)

IFOMPT Conference Bursaries

IFOMPT Presentation Award

Elsevier Research Award

  • Claire Small - Title: 'Prevalence, treatment, patient outcomes and associated indicators of outcome prediction for lower back pain in a UK multi-disciplinary clinic: a mixed methods analysis' . (View report)

Level 1 Research Award

  • Dr Martin Rabey - Title: Exercise induced analgesia at low and moderate intensities (View report)
  • Michael Mansfield - Title: Does physical activity participation associate or predict the development of Work Related Upper Quadrant Disorders (WRUQDs)? (View report)

Elsevier Presentation Award

  • Dr. Valerie Sparkes - Title: 'Spinal angles in subjects with a history of flexion related back pain when performing a typing task'. (View report)