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2012 Winners and Reports


  • The Student Research Award: Hannah Cousins, Andy Green, Jennifer Ward, Arlene Walker, Mike Carpenter
  • The Small Project Grant: Colette Ridehalgh - Project title: Is the response to neurodynamic treatment linked to specific group characteristics in people with referred posterior leg pain?
  • The Research Facilitation Award: Dr Jane Simmonds - Project title: An exploration of the perceptions of exercise therapy amongst adults diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos (Hypermobility Type)
  • The MACP Doctoral Award: Martin Rabey. - Title of project: Multi-factorial cluster analysis in axial low back pain - Do clusters predict responses to "usual care"?


  • The Elsevier Presentation Award : Joanna Perry - Project title: A pragmatic, prospective, longitudinal, observational study into the neurophysiological effects of physiotherapy (a "complex intervention") on patients presenting with low back pain (LBP) of up to 12 weeks duration.
  • The Greg Grieve MACP Research Presentation Award: Colette Ridehalgh - Presentation titles: Normative sciatic nerve excursion during the straight leg raise test Repeatability of measuring sciatic nerve excursion during the straight leg raise with B mode ultrasound. Repeatability of vibration thresholds and pressure pain thresholds in individuals with spinally referred leg pain
  • The IFOMPT Presentation Award: Dr Chris McCarthy - Presentation title: Spinal Manipulation- Use in Thoraco-Lumbar Spine & Pelvic Disorders
  • The Research Facilitation Award-: Dr Jane Simmonds

Clinical Awards

  • The Elsevier Research Award: Maria Moutzouri - Project title: Effects of enhanced sensori-motor rehabilitation on indices of functional performance associated with patients following total knee replacement.