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2021 Winners and Reports

Level 1 Research Award

  • Aled Williams - Dissemination of my qualitative research findings on mentored clinical practice

Student Research Award

  • Emma Robinson - The assessment and management of breathing dysfunction in musculoskeletal conditions: a survey of current United Kingdom physiotherapy practice
  • Matthew Piff - Can clinicians accurately capture the location and extent of pain in people with chronic low back pain from the patient interview
  • Matthew Virden - Blood Flow Restriction Training in Individuals with Knee Pain: A Feasibility Study Matthew undertook this research project to a high standard demonstrating excellent research skills and he submitted an excellent dissertation.
  • Raffaela Kurz - Finding a new normal: the lived experience of persons coping with persistent low back pain" This was an outstanding and beautifully crafted dissertation that used evocative language and poetry to illuminated the lived experiences of persons who identified themselves as coping with LBP

Elsevier Research Award

  • Rachel Chester - The development of a digital intervention to guide the selection of behaviour change techniques and support physiotherapists and patients work together to improve engagement with self-management and adherence to a home exercise programme.