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2021 Winners and Reports

MSc / PgD Bursaries

  • Ashley Sayers - Bursary for MSc at Sheffield Hallum
  • Darragh Carolan - Bursary for MSc at MMU
  • David Turner - MSc study into Blood flow restriction training (BFR)
  • Emily Kelford - Bursary for University of Birmingham MSc (View report)
  • Tim Budd - Bursary for MSc at MMU

Level 3 Education and CPD Award

  • Matthew Low - PhD at University of Nottingham - A novel clinical framework: The use of dispositions in clinical practice. A person centred approach. (View report)

Level 2 Education and CPD Award

  • Anna Jenkins - Evaluation of clinical practice for MSK First Contact Practitioners - University of Essex (View report)

Level 1 Education and CPD Award

  • Glen Davies - Musculoskeletal Medicine - Injection Therapy course at MMU (View report)
  • Jonathan Thacker - Spinal Masquerders & Shoulder Course (View report)
  • Katy Williams - Pre-Hospital Immediate Care in Sport Level 3 (View report)
  • Matthew Giulliatt - Application for non medical prescribing for nurses - midwives - pharmacists and allied health professionals at the University of Hertfordshire. (View report)