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The MACP supports, promotes and develops members through education and research activities. The total amount of funding committed to this activity has been increased from an annual £19k to £31k. Made available through a number of awards these are a split between continuing professional development and research activities.

We strongly encourage all MACP members to apply for these awards. In a typical year 75% of applicants are successful in their application being awarded funding and some awards do not always receive an application on every round. You can view previous successful Awards reports here.

Education & CPD Awards

Level 1 CPD Award

Value: Up to £750 x 4 awards a year
Eligibility: Full Members
Closing: 30/09/2023

Level 2 CPD Award

Value: Up to £1500 x 2 awards a year
Eligibility: Full Members
Closing: 31/05/2023

Level 3 CPD Award

Value: Up to £3000
Eligibility: Full Members
Closing: 31/05/2023

The Maitland Fellowship

Value: Up to £2000 x 1 award
Eligibility: Full Members
Closing: 31/07/2023

MSc / PgD / Portfolio Route Bursaries

Value: Up to £500 x 15 awards a year
Eligibility: Associate and Full Members who are currently undertaking an eligible course or who are on the Portfolio Route to membership
Closing: 31/12/2023

IFOMPT 2024 Bursaries

Value: £500 x 20 awards for the IFOMPT 2024 Conference
Eligibility: Full Members, Associate Members, Affiliate Members and Honorary Members
Closing: 17/12/2023

The IFOMPT 2024 Bursaries are listed in both the Research Award section and the Education Award section as they span both categories - there are 20 Awards in total across the 2 categories.