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Research Subcommittee

Getting involved with the research subcommittee will offer the opportunity to assist the research officer with a range of tasks. This includes reviewing the award applications for our members, reviewing applications to utilise the MACP for surveys, and facilitating any research activities that the research officer or MACP are involved in. 

Our current members include: Jaj Mankelow, Stuart Wareham, Janet Deane, Matt Willett, Andrea Ravindra and Martin Rabey.

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

The professional development committee assists with the organisation/promotion of courses for the MACP


  • To assist members nationally in the development of their continuing professional portfolios by providing CPD opportunities.
  • To provide a career structure for physiotherapists who wish to develop skills in the field of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction and leading ultimately to membership.

CPD in the MACP consists of practical short courses (or conference/seminar forums) for disseminating current evidence-based practice and clinical effectiveness.  The focus is on updating and developing theory, clinical reasoning, life-long learning skills, critical appraisal of current evidence based on clinical practice and critical appraisal of current research into musculoskeletal conditions/treatment.

Current members include: Basil Tyros, Jenna Jagodzinska, Sinead Delaney, Samantha Simmonds.

If you are interested in getting involved in this committee please contact 

Committee for Education and Approval (CEA)

The overall aim of the CEA is to operationalise and monitor standards for eligibility for all routes leading to membership of the MACP and to provide ongoing monitoring of those standards.

Commitee for Education and Approval - read more

The objectives of the CEA are to:

  • maintain the currency of the standards set for eligibility for routes leading to membership of the MACP
  • monitor the quality of existing approved routes that provide a route to MACP membership
  • withdraw recognition of MACP membership where standards of approved or accredited routes are not being achieved
  • manage the approval process, updating guidelines and requirements at regular intervals
  • provide support and guidance for new routes seeking approval recognition as a route to MACP membership
  • evaluate new routes seeking recognition as a route to MACP membership and determine approval
  • maintain up to date information on all routes providing routes to MACP membership
  • provide guidance and support to MACP route team advisors, route scrutineers and external assessors
  • recommend recognised route team advisors, route scrutineers and external assessors
  • liaise with routes to identify suitable route team advisors, route scrutineers and external assessors
  • encourage and support clinical mentorship
  • to ratify recommendations from the Portfolio Route lead on eligibility for membership
  • to support Portfolio Route lead in route management, including assessment process, appeals, complaints (Appendix 7), decisions regarding Pathway eligibility, Portfolio Route assessor training etc.    
  • submit a CEA report to the MACP Executive Committee for each Executive Committee meeting
  • submit an annual CEA report to the MACP membership for the AGM.

The Education Lead on the Executive Committee is the Chair of the CEA. The other members of the CEA are: Jane Ashbrook, Fiona Gough, Jane Simmonds, Ross Mallett, Elaine Dechow, Bijal Ganatra and Denise Jones and the Administrator, Katie Holmes.

Working group - task and finish

There are opportunities to join a temporary working group. The MACP periodically set up these working parties for specific activities aimed to be completed within a specific timeframe.

If you are interested, please contact admin below;

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