Obituary - Olaf Evjenth

22 April 2020

Olaf Evjenth (1926 – 2020) Olaf Evjenth hails from Valnesfjord in Fauske Municipality. He grew up on a farm on Hundholmen. Olaf was the second youngest of 11 siblings. His father died when the youngest sibling was 4 years old. Olaf wo...

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Obituary - Dr Philippa Coales

10 April 2020

Obituary - Dr Philippa Coales It is with great sadness that we learnt of the death of Dr Philippa Coales. Dr Coales was a highly regarded member of the physiotherapy profession and dedicated member of our academic staff. Philippa will be r...

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Social Media Round up including COVID-19 Resources

09 April 2020

Resources for members: COVID specific learning: COVID-19 Toolkit: FREE Online Resources, Courses and University Access to Physioplus. A programme of courses to help you to play a proactive role in reducing the impact of this pandemic (...

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