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A questionnaire to identify patellofemoral pain in the community: an exploration of measurement properties.

Community-based studies of patellofemoral pain (PFP) need a questionnaire tool that discriminates between those with and those without the condition. To overcome these issues, we have designed a self-report questionnaire which aims to identify people with PFP in the community.

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Advanced Clinical Practice With Neil Langridge and Amanda Hensman-Crook

Neil Langridge and Amanda Hensman-Crook discuss the developments to Advanced Clinical Practice in MSK physiotherapy.

Being diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma

Dr Steven Roberts discusses his personal experiences being diagnosed with an osteosarcoma with consultant physiotherapist Laura Finucane. Primary bone tumours often mimic MSK pathology, Improving early sign and symptom recognition is recommended as a key way to reduce diagnostic delay.

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Cauda Equina Syndrome Podcast

A fascinating two part podcast with Dan Nicolls, Sue Greenhalgh, Laura Finucane and Chris Mercer .

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Dr Emma Stokes President WCPT Podcast

This special edition MACP podcast discusses professional issues in physiotherapy with Dr Emma Stokes the President of the WCPT.

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Exercise Promotion With Ann Gates


Feeling for Cracks In The Theories and Practices with Neil Langridge

In this PhysioMatters podcast Jack Chew chats to Neil Langridge about the use of manual therapy in MSK practice including the importance of skill and feel, Neil’s take on the ethical dilemmas and how the profession can move beyond the turf wars and internal divisions that have thwarted progress.