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Please support our MACP Fellow standing for CSP Council

Please support our MACP Fellow standing for CSP Council

Claire Small, FMACP, is standing in the CSP Council Elections

Dear Members,

I am delighted to see one of our MACP Fellows, Claire Small, is standing for CSP Council. Claire has always been an advocate for the patient, the community, the profession and best practice. The MACP Executive are very supportive of members stepping forward into roles to support the profession as a whole and wish Claire very well with the process. Please watch Claire's campaign message to you below and you cand read her campaign statement here.

Yours faithfully
Neil Langridge, FMACP, Chair MACP

Dear MACP Members

I am writing to you as I am standing for CSP Council in the upcoming elections and would value your support. 

I have always been an active member of the MACP, serving as the Communications Officer for 3 years from 1999-2002 and then as the Vice Chair and Treasurer from 2016-2022. I have also sat on the Professional Development Committee and the organising committee for various conferences including IFOMPT 2016. From 1997-2005, I was one of the Co-ordinators and lead lecturers on the MACP Postgraduate course.

In my employed role, I have been a private practitioner in London for 29 years, 9 years working alongside a group of excellent MACP clinicians at the clinic of Peter Wells (MACP Member No 3) in Fulham, and then for the past 20 years as the Founder and Owner of Pure Sports Medicine, a multi-disciplinary organisation with 8 clinics in London. I continue to practice clinically at our original Kensington site.

I am passionate about our profession and our ability to improve the lives of people and help them achieve their goals, whether that is returning to the football pitch in time for the big game or picking up their grandchildren for a cuddle. I think we need to do more as a profession to demonstrate and prove our value and the difference we make to people’s lives. To me, this is an important component of achieving improved cognition and, by association, better payment and conditions for what we do in every sector of our profession - the NHS and the independent and charity sectors.

I believe a role on CSP Council would allow me to help shape the strategic direction and the focus of the CSP to improve recognition of the profession and our value with patients, the general public, other health professionals and politicians, ensuring the profession moves forward and grows in both numbers and influence.

To be honest, I have never been a big fan of the CSP. I’ve found most of my dealings with the organisation to be frustrating with a significant lack of focus on the professional aspects of our careers. Within my own business, I’ve always said to my team - it’s easy to criticise, what about getting involved and finding solutions. So I decided it was time for me to practice what I preach and get involved. I would hope to take the values of the MACP into any role on CSP Council and work hard to ensure all physiotherapists work in a profession where they feel valued and recognised and where they can be proud to call themselves a Physio.

Here, you will find my Council Election Statement that will accompany the voting papers that you will receive in the coming weeks, as well as a link to my election video. 

One of the biggest challenges the CSP has is with member engagement - many CSP members don't read Frontline or attend the CSP Conference, let alone vote in these elections. For me to be successful in election to CSP Council, I need the support of anyone who thinks I will be a worthwhile member of the CSP Council and will work hard to represent all members and promote our profession. Please open your ballot papers when you receive them and vote as you see fit.

If you would like to speak with me about any issues you think the CSP should be addressing in the coming years, please feel free to email me at and we can arrange a time to speak.
More information can be found now and in the coming days and weeks on Pure's Social Media accounts including X @puresportsmed
Thank you all for your time and consideration of this request
Best wishes
Claire Small, FMACP