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May 2020 Touchnote - New Learning Resources, Learning Hub

May 2020 Touchnote - New Learning Resources, Learning Hub

New learning resources:

Health Education England’s (HEE) Technology Enhanced Learning team is releasing the Learning Hub at the end of May 2020 with core functionality to support the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response by enabling the health and care workforce to share and access resources during the pandemic.

It will be a new digital platform that will provide easy access to a wide range of resources that are pertinent to education and training in health and care.  It will be based on users’ needs and be developed using an agile, iterative approach.  New features will frequently be released in line with the original plan for the Learning Hub in its Beta phase.  This agile approach means the users will have access to and experience the benefits of new features as quickly as possible to provide a comprehensive learning experience. 

At the release of this phase of the Learning Hub users will be able to contribute digital resources including e-learning, video, audio, images, web links and articles.   

e-Learning files will need to be downloaded and locally installed so they can be used on another learning management system.  Users will be able to view resources they have added as the contributor, work on them in draft status, edit a published resource, unpublish a resource and view if one of their resources has been unpublished by a system administrator and the reason for this.

Learning Hub users may report a resource, for example, if there is an issue with copyright infringement, breach of personal data, factual inaccuracies, typing errors or safety concerns.  The type of issue will determine whether the resource is immediately removed from the platform or if the contributor is asked to make amendments to it.

The new HEE learning platform will be rolled out using a phased approach to groups of stakeholders so they can benefit from the system being live to meet the needs of the health and care workforce during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  The platform will continue to evolve and feedback from users experiencing the live system will be invaluable for its future development.

 If you would like to know more about this release of the Learning Hub follow @HEE_TEL on Twitter, read the blog and look out for regular updates.