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Student physiotherapists experiences of integrating a biopsychosocial approach:

Student physiotherapists experiences of integrating a biopsychosocial approach:

Recommendations for pre-registration curriculum

Level 3 Research Award - summary of results 

MACP Webinar 26 April 2022

Report MACP Research Award Level 3

This webinar explores student physiotherapists’ experiences of integrating a biopsychosocial approach into their patient management whilst on clinical placement.

We discuss barriers and facilitators from the students perspectives. These include patient factors linking to education and motivation. However, students also presented with a strong sense of professional identity and responsibility and highlight the key role of clinical educators as role models.

The Webinar concludes with three recommendations for pre-registration teaching. These include i) communication skills for sensitive topics ii) professional support and iii) behaviour change interventions.

Title: Student physiotherapists experiences of integrating a biopsychosocial approach: Recommendations for pre-registration curriculum

Rachel Chester PhD, MSc, MACP, CSP, HCPC
Marcus Redley, PhD
Nicola Spalding, PhD, COT, HCPC

Affiliations: University of East Anglia, Norfolk, UK

Webinar: Please access our free Webinar on the link above

Acknowledgements: Thank you to the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists 
(MACP) for granting us with the Research Award Level 3 in 2020. This has supported the study 
described in this report. Rachel Chester would like to thank Professor Nicola Spalding, Occupational 
Therapist, for her support and significant contribution throughout this project and our Research 
Associate Dr Marcus Redley for his unique and fresh approach as a non-clinician.
This work has been presented as a webinar at the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and 
Health, University of East Anglia. Due to covid-19 restrictions we have not submitted this work to a 
conference but will be submitting it to Physio UK 2023 or the next MACP Conference. We have 
provided a synopsis of this research as a webinar available on the MACP website.