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MACP Rheumatology CIG - WELCOME!

Welcome to the MACP Rheumatology Clinical Interest Group webpage. We do hope that the resources and links here are of some use.

As member of the Rheumatology Physiotherapy CIG, this is your website, please do get in touch if you have anything to share with this group.  Follow us on Twitter @RheumPT_MACP


The rheumatology physiotherapy community had previously been supported by a UK-wide interest group. This has been dormant for a while, and whilst there is still great networking and mutual support through informal networks, it had been identified that re-starting the CIG under the remit of the CSP would have mutual benefits for the CSP and for physiotherapists working in and around rheumatology. We are at an exciting time for the development of the physiotherapist role both embedded within rheumatology services and at triage and in primary care first contact roles. We have met to discuss vision and values of the Rheumatology CIG and an early draft version of there are listed below.

Aims: To create a network of support, professional development, education, research, influence and advocating for evidence-based, effective and high quality physiotherapy practice and care for people living with, or who may come to develop a rheumatology condition.

Vision: Improve standards of care for people living with rheumatology diagnoses. Validating, standardising and advancing the role of the physiotherapist.

Values: Sharing Good Practice. Supporting Each Other. Maximising the role of the physio in the MDT. Developing individuals, teams and services. Networking. Research-driven


Please find in our Resources section some useful documents to start our group. This will be added to. As per the July meeting this website offers a home for documents discussed in iCSP chats. We are looking for submissions of anonymised job descriptions, job plans, business cases and standard operating procedures that drive forwards the rheumatology role. We plan a more formal launch of the group with some CSP publicity early in the Autumn.

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Please find below the Rheumatology Physiotherapy Capabilities Framework

Rheum framework

Rheumatology Physiotherapy Capabilities Framework vFINAL Interactive

Please go to the Resources page for many useful documents
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Recording of the most recent meeting:

The five working groups are:
  • Education
  • Professional development/Leadership
  • Communications
  • Membership/Engagement
  • Research
For further information or to volunteer Contact Us via or DM us on Twitter @RheumPT_MACP