Frequently Asked Questions

What is FourteenFish?
FourteenFish Ltd is a UK-based software company providing learning tools for Health Professionals. They provide a portal access to portfolios for professional practice.

Where and how can I access the portal?
The website can be found here - and you can download the App from the Apple Store or Google Play. You will receive an email invite to the portal as an MACP member.

What kind of technical support can I expect?
If you have access problems to the portal please contact or
If you have technical problems you can contact Fourteen Fish directly at their help centre -

Is access to the portal and portfolio free?
Access to the portal and the portfolio is part of your MACP membership.

Is membership of the MACP necessary to access this portal?
Yes, access is currently only available to Full, Associate and Affiliate members. 

If I cancel my membership with the MACP what happen to my FourteenFish account?

Your FourteenFish account will still be active and all of your existing entries accessible. However, your access to the full portfolio will be restricted, and you will no longer be able to add new entries or view details such as your training map.

What if I have colleagues who don’t wish to become members of the MACP but would still like access to the portal?
The MACP’s strategy is to be an inclusive organisation that provides leadership, support and growth for the musculoskeletal community.  Physiotherapists can join the MACP as Affiliate members and will have access to the portal and the portfolio as a benefit of being a member.  To see further benefits of being a member, please visit our membership page

Can I get a quick sense of what the portal can do for me?
Yes, there is a link to an introduction video and and an instructional video to help you at the bottom of our FAQs page

I already have a portfolio do I need to use FourteenFish?
No, it is not necessary to use your access to the portal however we feel it will greatly enhance the process of record keeping and centralise your documentation making it easier to access and upload your content. You can upload your existing documentation and keep it in one place. 

I have access to the portal but what if my organisation wishes other members of my team to be able to use it and some of those aren’t members? Can they buy licences for our whole team?
Yes, organisations looking to purchase a number of licences have access to a discounted fee based on the number of licences purchase - for more information and pricing see this page.

Do the CSP and Health Education England (HEE) support the FourteenFish portal?
The CSP and HEE are supportive of tools like e-portfolios that enhance professional practice and help to maintain professional activity.

How can my manager access my portal and see the evidence I have been recording?
One of the key advantages of this portal is the ease with which you can share your CPD so that your manager can be assured of your professional responsibilities in keeping a portfolio. You can create access to this so that they have read-only access and cannot adjust or amend the detail.  This can be used in yearly appraisals and for monitoring compliance with mandatory training all in one location. 

You and your supervisor/manager will have access to your portfolio. You can share access with your supervisor so that you can have your worked review/assessed.

You can give your manager access to a ‘Compliance Passport’.  You can choose to give your manager ‘read-only’ access to your portfolio.  To share your Compliance Passport, click on Manage training from the Portfolio page and then go to Share your Compliance passport.

Will the HCPC recognise this as evidence if I am audited?
The HCPC has not specified that any particular portfolio needs to be used to collect ongoing CPD evidence. The MACP believes that the FourteenFish portal will greatly enhance this process for you making it easier to track and keep your evidence

If I am audited by the HCPC, can how do I share my portfolio with them?
For advice on sharing your portfolio, please access the FAQs on the FourteenFish website. To share your Compliance Passport, click on 'Manage Training' from the Portfolio page and then go to 'Share your Compliance passport.'


Introduction Video:


We are delighted to share the FourteenFish portal wth our members and we hope you enjoy gaining access and starting to build your portfolio.

 We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available.

Instructional Video: