Cauda Equina Study Day

A Cauda Equina Study Day presented by the MACP and APPN


Programme and Information letter, and biographies.

Tickets are £80 including refreshments and lunch

Speakers confirmed so far:

  • Chris Mercer - Consultant MSK Physiotherapist, Western Sussex Hospital
  • Laura Finucane - Consultant MSK Physiotherapist, Sussex MSK Partnership, Brighton
  • Sue Greenhalgh - Consultant Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Bolton Primary Care Trust
  • Diarmaid Ferguson - National LBP Clinical Network Chair
  • Patrick Statham - Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • Emma Willis - Expert Patient
  • Andrew Cuff - Connect Health
  • Natalie Beswetherick - CSP
  • Nico Fabri - Kennedys Law Firm
  • Jack Chew - Chew's Health
  • Matthew Staniforth - A&E Consultant
  • Jonathan Filed- Chiropractor
  • Steve Vogel- Osteopath
  • Jalesh Paniker – Consultant Neuro-Urologist
  • Neil Chiverton- Consultant Spinal Surgeon
  • David Cumming- Consultant Spinal Surgeon- UKSSB

This is a multi-disciplinary study day that will explore various aspects of this condition:

  • We will explore the current evidence around Cauda Equina Syndrome, looking at what we do know and what we still need to know.
  • We will hear perspectives of CES from patients and different professionals involved at each stage of the pathway. This will include patients with CES, primary care clinicians including GPs, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and private practitioners.
  • We will also hear from secondary care A and E and triage teams, plus tertiary spinal centre surgeons, urologists, radiologists and will hear about CES from a legal perspective.
  • We will discuss the management of CES with a view to developing a consensus statement on the way forward as a collaborative approach to managing this condition.

Cost: £80 with refreshments and Lunch included

Please note that this will be a paperless course and all course material will be found in My Resouces under Members Area 1 week prior to the course.