MSc Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

The course aims to enhance the clinical practice of musculoskeletal physiotherapists in line with the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapists (IFOMPT) and its national representative group, the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP).

The course has a strong emphasis on listening to students. Students on the course have a wide range of clinical experience, with variation in the level and scope of each individual’s practice. This wealth of experience is utilised to support the collective learning experience in each module. The student-centred approach means that students influence the module content and delivery, during the running of each module. This is important for students at this level who already come with rich clinical experience and are able to make a valuable contribution to the module content; the modules thus maximise the opportunity for peer learning. Lectures are kept to a minimum and more student centred learning is encouraged predominantly utilising facilitated group discussion, group work, role play and practical hands-on sessions. The two musculoskeletal management modules use reflective practice and experiences from the clinical field to facilitate learning and enhance the clinical reasoning skills of the student. The course team is committed to providing the best learning environment possible and make every effort to engender a student centred approach to learning.

The course promotes a holistic, person-centred approach to musculoskeletal physiotherapy and thus the course content includes philosophical discussions, health promotion, communication, chronic pain management and psychological therapies. Diagnostic, narrative, ethical, collaborative and embodied approaches to clinical reasoning are advocated.


Dr Clair Hebron, PhD, MSc, MMACP, MCSP, FHEA, PGCert, BSc(hons).
Course Leader MSc Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Principal Lecturer Physiotherapy
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