This page is designed to help members access the wealth of clinical and research information available electronically. The links included are only the tip of the iceberg and so if you have found a useful resource, whilst surfing the net, please contact the research officers and we will endeavour to include a link from this page.

Unavoidably, links sometimes change and so if a link has failed please let the research officers know and we will correct it.

MACP Research officer


PubMed is a service provided free by the National Library of Medicine in the USA.

The web site has helpful tutorials on searching techniques and tips and can provide search returns in a format suitable for direct import into reference managing software.

Cochrane Library 
The Cochrane library provides a wealth of information for health professionals of a high-quality. The systematic reviews provide independent evidence, to support decision-making. In addition to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews which are regularly updated there is a register of controlled

CSP Outcome Measures Database
Standardised validated clinical outcome measures are important for assessing the quality of patient care. There is a requirement to think carefully before selecting the right tool(s).

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) are well acknowledged as measuring patients perspective relating to the impact of health interventions.

Pub Crawler
Another service provided by the National Library of Medicine is a facility called Pub Crawler. This is not what you might think, but is none the less a very useful service. By registering with the service and entering the search terms that you are interested in retrieving, you receive a daily update of the literature, meeting your search criteria, by email.

Research Professional
This is a database which provides funding opportunities and covers medicine to humanities reporting on funding from the largest research councils to the smallest charities.

Physiotherapy Evidence Database (Pedro)
This is a free database with currently (2018) over 39,000 randomised trials, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines in physiotherapy. Information relating to the quality of trials is independently assessed and provide an accessible guide for users to support decision making in practice. PEDro is produced and updated by University of Sydney, Musculoskeletal Health Sydney, School of Public Health and is hosted by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
This website provides access to selective authorised evidence for health, social science and public health. It brings together evidence from many trusted sources and provides an accessible easy to use the search facility.


The International Headache Society
The International Association for the Study of Pain
The UK's BackCare Charity site
British Pain Society


An excellent and comprehensive site on statistics.

There are many Youtube lectures, for example,


The centre for evidence-based medicine provides information to help you to critically appraise research. There are guidelines to support researchers in appraising, planning and writing up studies. These guidelines include:
CONSORT – reporting randomised controlled trials
STROBE – reporting observational studies
COREQ – reporting qualitative interviews and focus groups.