Recruiting for Research

The MACP is committed to encouraging post-graduate education and research. The Association is keen to facilitate research in the musculoskeletal arena and consequently is willing to consider applications to access the membership with research questions. This is for MACP members or associate members only.

In order that the MACP is only involved in research conducted in accordance with Good Clinical Practice & Research Governance guidelines, and in order that the members are not inundated with requests the MACP has instigated a process by which applications are considered.

Researchers can apply to:

  • Recruit members via the MACP twitter account
  • Post an invitation on the Research pages of the MACP website to members to participate in their research study. 
  • Post an invitation and a link or a URL on the MACP website to recruit members to participate in online surveys.

All requests to recruit members are made through the Research Officer using the form below and enclose copies of the documentation requested. Once your application has been received it will be considered by the MACP Research Officer and the Research and Clinical Effectiveness Committee and a decision conveyed to you as soon possible. Please ensure that you leave adequate time for this review process when planning your research as the MACP can not guarantee to complete reviews within specific timescales. 

Applicants must provide evidence of a 'favourable opinion' from the National Research Ethics Service or from a University Ethics Committee. For researchers wishing to access members working for the NHS, a favourable opinion from NRES, or documentation from NRES stating that the study does not need consideration, is required.

Dr Carol Clarke
MACP Research Officer