Group Licences


The MACP recognises that organisations are invested in supporting their staff with their professional development. A valuable contribution to this is provision of access to the new MSK capabilities portal that will assist physiotherapists in collating evidence to demonstrate the capabilities required to attain First Contact Practitioner and Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner status, as well as evidence for gaining accreditation and membership of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP). The portal can also be used as a CPD record and will facilitate completion of any revalidation requirements by the HCPC.

After a great deal of research, FourteenFish, a UK-based software company providing learning tools for Health Professionals, were seen as the obvious preferred provider for developing and operationalising this portal due to their work with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGPs) Training Programme. Many elements of the FCP Work Based Placement Assessment (Stage 2) are consistent with the requirements for GP trainees and therefore fourteenfish had an excellent understanding of the requirements of the MACP in establishing a portal designed for Physiotherapists in the first instance, and ultimately all allied health professionals involved in MSK Practice.

The website can be found here and the App can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. The platform is fully optimised for use on mobiles, meaning individuals are able to capture learning and development activities in real time and on a regular basis.

One of the other key advantages of this portal is the ease with which individuals will be able to share their CPD activity with their manager / supervisor or mentor so they can review the portfolio and provide support and feedback. The information within the portal can be used in yearly appraisals and for monitoring compliance with mandatory training.

Managers can be given access to a ‘Compliance Passport'.

As well as access to the MSK Capabilities Portal, the licence fee will also provide individuals with Affiliate Membership of the MACP, a valuable source of professional development and support for individuals looking to develop their career in MSK Medicine.  

Organisations looking to purchase a number of licenses have access to a discounted fee based on the number of licenses purchased. License fees are listed on a per year basis, but a 3-year contract is required to ensure effective use of the platform and time for completion of the necessary development work. Payment is only required on a yearly basis and each organisation will be sent a notification for renewal. Licenses can be granted at any time throughout the year that suits an individual organisation, recognising that different groups have different Financial Year Ends and different financial pressures throughout the year.

Licences will be provided to organisations on a named basis using the individual clinician’s email address. If an individual leaves an organisation and is no longer eligible for access to the portal, it will be the responsibility of the organisation to contact the MACP to have their licence removed. It can then be transferred to another individual. The MACP will update the FourteenFish data base.

For further information or to arrange a number of licences, please contact Katie Holmes, MACP Administrator

These fees are available to any group or organisation wishing to purchase a number of licences. The MACP is able to offer these discounts due to the reduced administration requirements. Therefore, a single payment will be required and only one individual will be the contact person with the MACP. The MACP will not respond to questions or queries from individuals under these group schemes.

 Licence Fee Pricing


For clarity –

  • a group purchasing 15 licences would pay £80 for the first 10 licences and £75.00 for the next 5 – a total of £1,175.
  • a group purchasing 50 licences would pay £80 for the first 10 licences and £75.00 for the next 40 – a total of £3,800.
  • a group purchasing 60 licences would pay £80 for the first 10 licences, £75.00 for the next 40 and £70 for the final 10 – a total of £4,500.
  • These costs are inclusive of VAT.