Optimising The Function of the shoulder girdle- Making sense of the dysfunction - NOW AN ONLINE COURSE

This course has been created to combine systematic methods of assessment and functional rehabilitation of the shoulder and is applicable to the elite sport and outpatient environments. The course will allow clinicians to apply new concepts to their existing knowledge in this area.

The intensive 1 day course will include: Functional anatomy & biomechanics ; Shoulder assessment considerations for exercise selection for rehabilitation; Management of small nerve dysfunctions around the glenohumeral joint; Assessment and management of the SCJ; Proprioceptive assessment & management tips; Functional kinetic chain testing; Lumbopelvic, cervical & thoracic spine relationships to shoulder function; Post-op return to play pathways; A wide range of practical exercise solutions to shoulder problems

Participants need to be appropriately dressed in order to view whole shoulder girdle.

Facilitator:  Dr Ian Horsley PhD, MSc, MCSP, CSCS

Ian has been a physiotherapist for nearly 30 years. He worked as a physiotherapist for England Rugby Union, for 14 years with various teams, and spent the last 6 years working with the Elite Playing squad, as physiotherapist to England ‘A’.  Currently Ian is Lead Physiotherapist and Technical Lead for the North West for the English Institute of Sport, Clinical Director of Back In Action Rehabilitation, in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, associate lecturer at Salford University, and member of the EdCom for EUSSER and BESS.  He concluded his PhD in 2013 examining the issues around shoulder injuries in professional rugby, and has published several articles in peer reviewed journals on the subject of musculoskeletal injury management, and contributed chapters to several books on sports injury management.  He worked as part of the HQ medical team for Team England at the 2010 and 2014 Commonwealth Games, was a member of the Team GB HQ medical team at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games and currently is a Consultant Physiotherapist to England Football.