Integrating Imaging into Musculoskeletal Practice - 1 day course, the Knee.

An interactive 1 day course aimed at senior physiotherapists and new APPs with limited or no radiology background, wanting to learn more about requesting and basics of interpreting musculoskeletal imaging and how to utilise for better patient care in practice.

Jessica Gent: Advanced Practice Physiotherapist, Clinical Lead for First Contact MSK Roles


Cost: 1 day: MACP members £120 / Non-members £150

The day includes:
- Requesting and looking at X-rays - Requesting and looking at MRIs - Case study based- teaching, orientation, normal, normal variants, pathological images, evidence base on imaging and how to utilise it to enhance your existing clinical reasoning & patient care

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course you will:
- Know the indication for requesting basic imaging for the areas you have studied including lumbar spine, knee and shoulder
- Have a structured method of looking at these images
- Understand where imaging plays a role clinically and pit falls and advantages in the use of imaging and patient care
- Have an understanding of what is normal and what is abnormal in these images
- Have an idea of resources to help you develop your skills
- Discuss how you interpret imaging, imaging reports and how you discuss this with your MSK patients

You will not:
Be legally qualified to request radiology
Be legally covered to interpret radiological examinations or write imaging reports
Know everything about imaging these anatomical areas 


Emma Hornby

Phone: 01753 784 968